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About Helen

Hey! I’m Helen – welcome to my website.

I’m a Blogger, Fitness Guru, Health Enthusiast, Wellness Expert… I probably fall in-between all that lot somewhere! I started my fitness blog after I started to experience the ill-effects of sitting down all day at my office job. Fatigue, back ache, weight gain, postural issues… starting full-time work came as a shock to my body, and I wasn’t willing to let the effects of the sedentary lifestyle rule my life as it does for so many others.

My blog offers advice for people suffering in a similar predicament, but over time, my blog expanded to also address the ever-growing concern of the toxic fitness culture on Instagram…

The Backstory
You may be familiar with #fitspo – an online community dedicated to inspiring and motivating people to eat healthier and exercise more. Although on the surface fitspo sounds like a very positive thing, over recent years it’s has been responsible for causing mental health issues, disordered eating and the community has turned into a breeding ground for fake news. Influencers within the fitspo community will often lie to their followers, promoting unhealthy diets, supporting dangerous/unethical brands and performing exercise tutorials incorrectly deliberately to sexualise their content and get more views. Although there are some fitness influencers combatting against this, there is still a large toxic side of social media fitness which is disingenuous and harmful.

The Character
I have created a character called Kelly who is a leading influencer in the fitspo community. I created Kelly as a way of exposing the dangerous ways in which fitspo is effecting our mental health and behaviours. Her animated character adopts everything that is wrong with social media which mainly involves her putting money and fame before the physical and mental wellbeing of herself and her followers.

What I’m doing
I have created short parody videos where Kelly exposes the toxic side of the fitspo via sketches, raps and a short series. One of my sketches went viral earlier this year and was reviewed by Ozzy Man Reviews (Instagram 1.3m followers, YouTube 3.4m subs) posted on Worldstar (Instagram 22m followers) and reached the top of Reddit page R/Videos (21m members).

I’m currently working on a Kelly series and shorter sketches for my Instagram, but I am also reaching out to larger media outlets to help take the Kelly campaign to the next level.





My Qualifications

My fitness related qualifications include;

  • Level 3 Diploma in Sport Coaching, Fitness & Development
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 YMCA Gym Instructor
  • Level 2 Exercise to Music
  • Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor
  • Exercise in the Community
  • Football Coach

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