Dear Millennials

posted on August 24, 2018

Dear Millennials,

We’re all in such a rush to prove ourselves as being “successful” members of society by showing off our big booties, exotic locations and beautiful wedding photos…

We’re all trapped in this constant comparison war that is fuelled by our belief that we aren’t really successful until we have accomplished this list of ‘stuff’.

Every time we pick up our phones and open Instagram, we are bombarded with pictures of these celebrated ideals which subconsciously play on our mind. Everybody is constantly battling to tick these things off their list, that it’s becoming all too easy not to appreciate what we have in front of us here and now. No wonder Millennials are ‘the unhappiest generation’.

As much as I blame social media, I still think it has its place. I think we just need to be mindful of it’s effects and have an open mind as to what’s being posted.

Just putting it out there… there is no official list of ‘stuff’ which we must achieve in our lifetime. So stop fretting that you haven’t got your dream house, or a partner, or a career you love, or a “slimthick” physique… MAN I hate that word.