How to stop looking for approval from people on the internet

posted on February 26, 2019

How to stop looking for approval from people on the internet.

So recently I broke free from my ‘obligation’ to Instagram and stopped posting pictures of my body in skin-tight clothing. It wasn’t easy. And actually, I still struggle with it sometimes after I spent so long using it to confirm that I was a ‘successful’ person and to generally gain approval from the world.

How did I do it though? I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I became ‘attuned to my inner eye’… because that’s great and everything, but if you’re like me, you probably want some practical advice that you can take actionable steps against, rather than an airy fairy list of mystic shit. So here are my tips;


  • – Become aware that you’re doing it – if you posted that picture of your ass the other day, ask yourself why. Did you do it for lolls? Or because if you didn’t you’d feel as though you’re not on par with your other insta-friendz? Or not living up to ‘expectations’?


  • – Try to understand why you’re doing it. Does it make you feel more confident? Is it stemming from an insecurity? But then dig deeper… what is causing this insecurity? Is it something that you can remove from your life? If so, how? And how soon can you remove it?


  • – Develop a greater sense of self-worth. Easier said than done! I did this by spending more time off-line and reminding myself of what I really love and enjoy. My family, the outdoors, theatre, doggos and things that make me feel GOOD.


  • – STOP comparing yourself to others. Your uniqueness is your power – it’s your greatness!


  • – Find people who love you for who you truly are (this links to point 3). I honestly feel as though @dillmaine has a lot to do with my story. He loves me for being crazy and wacky self, and even if I resembled a giant squid he’d still be with me. The people who see your soul rather than the vessel that carries it are very special and must be protected at all costs.


  • – Try to stop. If you think you have a problem that’s affecting you negatively… try to stop posting pictures online. I genuinely didn’t actually realise I had a problem until I tried to stop posting pictures of my body. This was pretty much the biggest turning point for me. Once I’d gone through the weaning process, I actually felt SO much better – like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.