posted on February 9, 2019

A number of people, myself included, have started to call out the poisonous and disingenuous content on Instagram which is leading to all kindz of negative perceptions about our body image.


We’re only human, so we’re naturally going care about our appearance, and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t give any fucks about how I look since I changed my content. But there is no judgement in that. I love to look nice and dress up – and feeling good is great for our mental health. But not within the parameters set by people who don’t even look like that during day-to-day life themselves.


First it was celebrated to look like Slender Man, then it was skinny with boobs, then it was skinny with a booty, now it’s skinny with boobs, a booty, a thigh gap, thin arms with big eyes, big lips and a button nose, ft flawless skin… Tomorrow it might be that we have to grow fucking flowers out of our head like a Snapchat filter. We’re constantly running around trying to achieve the celebrated ideal, and on top of that, trying prove to everybody online that we’ve achieved it.


Although the insta-beauty standard is celebrated in our faces every day, it’s important to find our own unique beauty within ourselves – (I know that sounds cringe AF,  but just bear in mind that when you’re sat in an OAP home reminiscing your life to your grandchildren, you won’t be recalling the size of your ass, your lack of cellulite, or how big your eyes were in comparison to your face).


Don’t let the lie sold to you by Instagram keep you running to achieve ‘perfection’ … and by that I mean burning yourself out in the gym, adopting disordered eating or buying shitty ‘detox’ products. They don’t work. Period. And I’m also hoping they’ll be banned soon if all these petitions continue to get signed – see here to sign this legit petition by mega babe Jameela Jamil.


Exercising and eating right are STILL SO IMPORTANT and still a massive part of my life – that will never change. And I don’t want people viewing my new content to think that’s not the case. But it’s important that we learn how to approach it all in a healthy, non-harmful way – this approach can be found on Instagram, but you have to know where to look. If you want to follow GENUINE people who share TRUTHFUL and HEALTHY ways to stay fit, you need to follow these beautiful bods:



… and me 🙂