My Thoughts & An Update

posted on May 9, 2019

I used to feel as though I wasn’t really a working out unless I was dripping with sweat and sore the next day. I would sit up on my high horse looking down on the people who weren’t GiViNg iT 100%! Assuming them to be lazy and weak. There are lots of lazy people in the world, but anybody who is in a gym making an effort to improve their health should never be subjected to this kind of judgement and are certainly not lazy or weak. Not everybody is as confident, educated or able-bodied – it’s important to remember that there’s a vast variety of people and motives within a gym environment. And no room for judgement.

This was narrow minded and ill-educated thought process, but this wasn’t an idea that I dreamt up. I was brought up with these ideas enforced in every aspect of my life. It’s taken years to silence the voice in the back of my head that labels people as weak if they don’t exercise every day, or pathetic if they eat chocolate. Being ‘lean and mean’ was celebrated in our household. And I guess what I saw in the media reinforced this.

In some ways I’m thankful that these ideas were embedded in me (as toxic as they seem now) – they’re truly the root of why I’m so passionate about exercise and health and the reason why I will never exclude it from my lifestyle. But I certainly don’t think this way anymore, and if I ever had children I would NEVER bring them up with the same messages – there are far healthier ways of delivering the message that exercising and eating well are important.

I think this is why I used to fit so well into the #fitspo community. No room for the weak. No room for indulgence (at least not without guilt). It completely matched my already existing ideas around fitness. The messages I was brought up with definitely influenced my orthorexia and Instagram was like the cherry on top, but I don’t think I’m alone here…

There’s a whole generation of people who still have this mindset around fitness and who probably rubbed this off onto their millennial offspring. EVERY DAMN DAY at the office I hear people demonising food and make passing comments about their guilt for not exercising. But it’s so refreshing to see social media is challenging this and reminding us of what fitness should be about. Although I slam social media for being toxic a lot of the time, there truly is a lot of great content out there too which is affecting people positively and LITERALLY CHANGING LIVES. If you know where to look, it’s not all toxic. In fact, it can deliver the complete opposite.

I’m currently listening to Megan Crabbe’s Body Positive Power book when I drive to and from work. It talks about how we’re conditioned to think that we should look a certain way, but when we don’t, we’re sold bullshit skinny teas and diet plans which leave us with nothing but empty pockets. Tbf there’s a lot more to this book than just that, but if you’ve ever struggled with, starved, hated and been at war with your body then you will immediately relate to this book.

I’m finding it interesting to listen to this book from the perspective of a Personal Trainer. If a client is morbidly obese and it’s negatively affecting their health, then weight loss should absolutely be the number one priority for that person. But for clients who want to ‘get in shape’ or ‘get a bit fitter’ (deliberately using these terms broadly), then using other progress tracking methods such as strength improvement is going to be far better for the client as it takes their mind away from fretting about weight and their body image.

Anyway, yes yes and yes to this book. If you’re fed up of diet culture and #fitspo then deffo give this book a go. You can find it on Amazon here.

Anyway, don’t mind my random ramblings whilst I fill some space and time between Kelly videos. Just on that note… AN UPDATE;

My Kelly videos are taking a step up. Having a makeover. Getting an upgrade (BEYONCE STYLE). This basically means that instead of coming home from work and sitting in-front of my green screen to make videos, I’ve hired a location, got a bunch of you lot to agree to be involved, got myself a cameraman (aka @dillmaine) and I’m going to make these videos something far more spectacular. This means I’m spending more time, money and effort in putting together the content so I won’t be posting them as frequently (soz). But trust me, it’ll be worth the wait! And after all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

If you’d like to get involved in a Kelly video then drop me an email on and I’ll pop you on the list 🙂

In the meantime, I’ll be over here writing scripts and trying to find someone to hold a boom mic and/or trying to find a tripod which can reliably hold the Rode mic up. Lolol.