New Years Resolutions & Fitness

posted on January 2, 2020

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had an amazing start to 2020.

As it’s the new year, you’ll no doubt be currently inundated with messages about burning off all the Christmas food, becoming leaner and generally losing weight in order to fulfil your wildest dreams of being attractive and therefore find success and happiness in 2020.

There are several issues with the messaging surrounding New Years fitness. It prays on our insecurities and it’s so focussed on changing our appearance as quickly and aggressively as possible, it so often ends up in failure.

Today, lots of people will embark on a short-lived journey of restriction and punishment through exercise in order to somehow undo all of the Christmas overeating. If the decision to embark on change comes from a place of self hatred or guilt then the incentive isn’t one which can realistically be sustained for life. This is why the supplement, gym, detox and ‘get fit quick’ brands continue to thrive year on year – they’re cashing in on the thousands of people who fall victim to January diet culture.

Whilst I don’t believe in New Years resolutions as such, I understand that the idea of a fresh start can be a great motivator for those wanting to get more active. So if you’re someone who has a fitness related new years resolution then here is my advice.

DON’T RUSH IT. Fitness isn’t something which can be achieved after a couple of months with a PT, it’s something you have to nurture and maintain for life. If you had plans to go to the gym today then that’s great, but remember, making drastic changes in a short space of time is a great way to wind up with burn out.

THE KEY IS SUSTAINABILITY and CONSISTENCY which is not as sexy as the banded glute kick backs you planned to do today, but its so important to analyse your existing day to day activity/habits/routine, and make realistic changes instead of jumping on the cross trainer and eating salad without a second thought.

Reflecting on 2019 is a great way to start. Consider;


  1. What has stopped me from achieving my fitness goals before?

  2. How can I overcome these barriers?

  3. What tools/knowledge/help do I need to do this?