Putting Prevention First

posted on November 16, 2018

“Health secretary Matt Hancock has revealed a new preventative vision for the NHS, which includes a call for people to “take more responsibility for their own health”.”

I was really excited to read that the NHS is going to be investing more into preventative practices this morning. At the moment, 10 times more money is spent on treating disease than prevention, which is absolutely MAD!  

It’s crazy to me that it’s taken this long to start focussing more on prevention, however, it’s still great news, and even better that a Green Paper will be published next year.

I’ve worked in various corporate environments over the last 8 years, and rarely have I worked in an office where healthy practices are encouraged. AKA, lunch time workouts, regular walks across/around the office, complimentary/accessible fruit bowls, subsidised gym membership, educational seminars…

I appreciate that not all workplaces have the resources to invest in all of these things, but hopefully this new direction should make more businesses aware of the benefits, and these sorts of healthy practices can become more accessible to everybody.